Four Months Old on the Fourth of July

Demi Grey is 4 months old!

She’s still smiley, happy and predictable. Her schedule is 1 hour of play time, nap time, 1 hour of play time, milk, 1 hour of play time, nap and so on. Makes it fairly easy to parent.

New tricks include:

  • Talking up a storm. I think she enjoys hearing her voice and sometimes even babbles back when you’re talking to her.
  • Drooling like brother. She’s very oral and everyone is suggesting she’s teething, but Cam started this at 3 months and didn’t sprout a tooth until almost 9 months. So, I think she’s just following in his footsteps.
  • Observing brother with amusement. He’s much more interesting than adults.
  • Grabbing things and getting much more coordinated
  • Putting things in her mouth–favorites include her Wubba Nub and anyone’s fingers
  • Exploring toys. She turns them around in her hands and studies them.
  • Giggling, but not consistently and I still haven’t gotten her full blown laughing. I hope month 5 includes a video of her cracking up.

Here she is telling me about her day while we swing in the hammock.

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