Demi is Crawling!

For weeks now Demi has been getting on all fours and rocking forward and backward and stretching out to reach things. We knew crawling was near.

Then on Sunday, I had my phone out and I took at least a dozen videos as I was watching for her to start dragging her knees forward into a real crawl. I began to give up for the day and I left the house for an errand. Not 15 minutes later I got a text from Joe: “She’s crawling.” Seriously lady!?

Since then, she has crawled a few feet many times over. She is officially mobile! And dang she’s cute.

Demi Doo is Eight Months Strong

Look at her grow!

There have been so many changes over the past month. She’s getting more coordinated, more vocal, more mobile. No crawling yet, but she reaches and sits, reaches and sits and is suddenly on the other side of the room. It’s officially time to tuck away all the small objects from Cam’s toys because she’s curious and explores most things with her mouth.

New things:

  • Eating eggs, rice crackers, more veggies and fruits. When she sees us pull out a cracker or a puree pouch she immediately starts squealing. When she sees you eat something she moves her mouth in a chewing motion and sometimes starts clicking. Basically, we need to make eating a social occasion where we all eat at the same time or she’ll feel left out.
  • Blows bubbles with her mouth
  • Can wheel around the house in her walker and loves the independence of it
  • In addition to her first word “hi”, she now says dada, mama, uh-oh, and a rough “what’s that?”
  • As with all kids, she’s interested in things she shouldn’t be playing with. She pulls up the edge of the rug, tugs on the blinds, rubs her hands all over the trashcan, gets dangerously close to the fireplace any chance she gets. Crawling should be an interesting stage.
  • She shrieks like I’ve never heard before. If she’s done eating and doesn’t want to be strapped into her high chair, she lets all the neighbors know.
  • She went to the snow for the first time–our family trip to Lake Tahoe with the Stadlers!
  • She went on her first real road trip. 8.5 hours of driving EACH DIRECTION! She did as good as you can hope for on the way up. We got to stop and sleep at great grandma “Melon’s”. The way home was a little tough, but we all survived.
  • She had her first Halloween as baby bear from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Both times we dressed her up, she was ready for bed and could not muster a smile.
  • She claps
  • She got her first dolls from great aunt Jill (Demi is the one in the back)IMG_8403

Other stuff:

  • She still only has her 2 bottom teeth, but her gums are bulging everywhere, so I think she’ll get at least a few more this month.
  • She loves sleeping on her tummy.
  • When she’s in need and hollering, squealing or shrieking I like calling her “my Dem-sel in distress.”
  • When she isn’t wearing a bow and I’m out and about, she gets called “big guy” at least twice. I’m not at all offended. In fact, I was at the park yesterday with Cam and a 5-year-old started playing with us and talking to us. A few minutes in I called her a girl and he said “I’m not a girl, I’m a boy!” So… you know… it happens. Did I mention I inadvertently got that on video? 

If you want evidence of how different 2 kids can be, check out this photo of Morgan wearing this adorable cowl-neck shirt and Demi wearing the same exact one. HA! Morgan is practically a teenager and it fits loosely, while Dems is only 8 months and, well… she fills it up.


And to finish up, here’s a video of Demi accidentally making a pop sound with her finger and her mouth.