Where Are They Now?

Haha. Just kidding. But it has been a bit since I’ve had time to post. Demi is communicating really well now and she loves her brother. Cam is getting taller and thinner (so so sad to see the rest of the baby fat melt away) and he is very curious. He asks so many questions I cannot answer without Google.

Here’s a clip of them terrorizing the birds at Lake Murray…. we feed them bird seed and then we frighten the feathers out of them. It’s quite a relationship.

Love hearing these squeals.

Tummy Time

Cam is still just barely starting to interact with “little sister”. Today he helped with Demi’s tummy time. He held the toy out and shook it and she turned her head toward it. Then, after a few minutes of trying to hold her head up, she got frustrated and asked Cam┬áto find her “baba”. He ran and got it, put it in her mouth and she was instantly soothed. When I told him he made her happy, he got excited and gave me a kiss. Small moment, but very sweet.