Anatomy of a Boy

No no no no, not like that. I think everyone knows the true anatomy of a boy. What I mean is… there are some moments in Cam’s life where I can’t help but think he is such a classic boy.

This photo captures one of those moments.

Such a Boy

Here’s the anatomy of my little boy:

  • pajama top
  • no pants
  • rain boots on an unseasonably warm day
  • filthy nose
  • pizza sauce around the mouth
  • bed head
  • brandishing a stick-like object, in this case his beloved broom
  • acting out some imaginary situation
  • not a care in the world!

I cherish these moments and hope he will always be a silly and free little boy.

Saturday Haiku

There were many lovely moments today, and yesterday, and over the last week for that matter. But I’m tired and Joe is working most of the day tomorrow, so I’m heading to bed to store up energy for a 2-kid day.

In lieu of a recap, I’ll share a Saturday Haiku:

Grandma Monkey’s here
Cam terrorized the pigeons
Lake, home, hair, park, home



A Mom Obsessed with her Babies

I didn’t know what else to title this because it’s just way too many photos from the last 2 days of my cutie patooties. We had a BORING weekend because I wasn’t feeling well and Joe was working, so I don’t have much to show for it, other than these little cherubs.

This is just about the happiest Demi has ever been on her tummy. Almost always she puts her head down and starts chewing on her hands or crying.


And then there is this! Oh my goodness I can’t even stand her cuteness.


Cam wasn’t cooperating with my “diapered baby photo shoot” so I carried on without him and then he crept up onto the chair because I think he was jealous of me oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over Demi. So, my master plan worked!!


And the last one is from this morning. While I find it very difficult to breastfeed in the middle of the night when there are 4 humans and 1 dog all on the same bed, I love love love being next to my sleeping babes. This morning, they slept in later than mom and dad who were seriously off to the races on this busy work week.