Pint-Sized Celebrations

Cam is 3 years, 3 months and Demi is 10 months… the result? A countdown at about 7:00pm, Martinelli’s, a dance party with neighbors and sparklers on the street. Truth be told, Joe and I barely made it to midnight.

Cam and Kaya cut a rug and then we cheersed to the New Year with our plastic champagne flutes. We asked Miles to sit next to Demi for a picture and he sat on her lap. He may be several months older but they weigh about the same–ha!

Our neighbors down the street always have sparklers, poppers and small fireworks so we hit the street and played with fire for a bit.

Happy happy to all! Looking forward to watching these monkeys grow in 2018!

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times… Father’s Day that is

Father’s Day was mostly wonderful. We hung out at the house in the morning enjoying the new hammock chair Cam got for Joe as a Father’s Day gift (isn’t he thoughtful!?).


Then, we packed up picnic foods and drinks and headed down to Mission Bay to join the Stadlers on their boat. This was such a treat for all of us. The weather was perfect and any day on the Stadler’s boat is a special and memorable day.


The last time Cam rode on the Stadler’s boat, he fell asleep almost immediately. This time he was obsessed with the cabin and climbing in and out of it while munching on cheese and grapes. I have to say, this kid lives a really tough life.


Brett’s mom was a SAINT and kept an eye on the kids while the rest of us enjoyed the views.


Also notable, it was Demi’s first boat ride. I can’t say she loved it. But I can’t say she didn’t like it either. I think she was a little disoriented with all the wind and bobbing around. As always she was a good sport.



After docking, we took turns paddling around the bay in their kayaks. The fathers and their first-borns…


Then Shara and I took a jaunt around the bay. Apparently kayaks have cupholders, so I put mine to use.


After our boating adventures we met Poppy, Inny, Uncoco and Nicole at Modern Times Brewery…


… this is where things took a turn for the worse. Cam fell asleep in the car and after we woke him up, it was nearly impossible to get him out of his funk. He was an 11 on a 10-point grumpy scale. We pressed on and had a lightning round of BBQ with the folks before heading home and prepping for the work week.

All-in-all, it was a lovely day celebrating fathers.


Birthdays, BBQs and Back to School… err, Work

Memorial Day was the very last day of my 12 weeks of maternity leave. So bittersweet. I have loved almost every minute of maternity leave bonding with my new little love while also growing closer to my Cambone and learning to be parents of two kids alongside Joe. But at the same time, I also want the balance of work + life again. Challenging myself in the workplace is definitely a part of my balance.

Memorial Day was also a day to BBQ with the fam and celebrate Poppy and Inny’s birthdays a day early. Demi brought the patriotic cheer while Cam thinks we forgot the party hats (he mentioned that to me yesterday and again tonight, so apparently he’s very serious about party hats–noted!).


Today, I returned to work on my 1 year work anniversary–so fitting! I remembered to bring in a photo of Cam and Demi to cheer up my space.


The day was long and the night routine even longer. But while I sat in Cam’s room under the stars, Demi falling asleep in my arms, and Cam telling me about the “4 presents with bows” that he would like for his birthday, I remembered not to treat a gift like a burden. It was at least an hour past Cam’s bedtime, and I was beyond pooped, but I know how lucky I am to have these sweet little beings in my world.


Mini-Vacation in Palm Desert

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about all the amazing things I’d love to be able to do with Cam and Demi, all the trips and adventures and sites to see. But I’ve also been thinking a lot about the age-appropriateness of anything we do outside our house. If it’s age appropriate for a toddler and an infant, then Joe and I are going to have a lot more fun.

That’s why I booked this little end-of-maternity-leave/last-hurrah/Joe-birthday/belated-Mother’s-Day trip to Palm Desert. I used my Mom’s network to get a referral to somewhere in Palm Springs or Palm Desert that would be fun for the whole family and this place really fit the bill.

It was such a bonus that Regina and MoRo decided to come and Ralle and Bernice decided to come as well. Everyone had fun… from the 2.5 month old to the 90 year old. Seriously.

Cam even said the last day of the trip “this vacation is awesome!” That was a reward in and of itself–validation from my own CamO.


A Doubly Sweet Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day certainly was doubly sweet with my TWO babies. And of course getting to spend time with my mom is the cherry on top.

We started the day with a round of soccer golf, which was great for everyone. The adults enjoyed some friendly competition, Demi slept in the stroller, and Cam ran around collecting flags until he was totally pooped.

After naps we collected at UnCoco’s house for beer, bonfire and BBQ followed by s’mores.