What a 2-Year-Old Hears

Cam is a really smart kid and he often responds to our questions and conversations with things that show he’s understanding. Sometimes, though, his understanding is limited by his little world.

Silly CamOTwice in the last couple days he’s responded to conversations in ways I didn’t expect and both instances were super cute.

Yesterday when I picked him up from Inny’s house I was explaining to Inny that I had a presentation in the morning. When we got into the car, Cam asked “Mom, what you and Inny talking about?” So I told him I was going to be giving a presentation to my company in the morning.

I checked the rearview mirror and saw he was tearing up. I asked him why he was sad. He said, “why you give them presents? I want presents.”

Then, today after picking Cam up, he asked where daddy was. I told him that he’s working at Balboa Park and would be home in a little bit. He welled up with tears again and said, “but why he go to the park without me?”

Sweet kid, daddy wouldn’t go to play a park without you!

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