Cam Says, 4-Year Old Edition

I haven’t been diligent about collecting ‘Cam Says’ moments, but the last 3 days have presented some doozies.


Here they are:

Cam has told me his favorite books are the Dr. Seuss books. While starting our reading tonight, he asked me, “Who writed the most books for kids?” So his grammar wasn’t perfect, but I thought it was a smart question… that I didn’t know the answer to.

A couple nights ago, we were texting Joe before going to sleep and Cam asked, “how do messages go through the air?” Again, I had no answer for him other than saying smart people figured it out and then I muttered something about satellites.

Cam: I want to make a chart with times and days on it.
Me: So, you want to make a calendar?
Cam: More or less.
WHAT!? The kid knows the expression “More or less”???

Tonight while going to bed, Cam asked, “who controls everything on earth? Like, is there a king or something?”

Oh man… I am NOT ready for 4 years old!!!!


Cam Says the Darnedest Things

This is the latest installment of Cam Says the Darnedest Things. We are endlessly amused at the things that come out of his mouth.

Cam was “helping” me make dinner and we were cutting up the ingredients for the salad. He was holding half an avocado and digging his fingers into the meat of it. I asked him not to do that because I didn’t want it to be mushy. He said, “I’m just taking the pit out, no biggie.” Did my kid just tell me ‘no biggie’!?

Bathing Cam a couple nights ago, he was fiddling with the loofah and put his legs through the rope part. Of course the rope ripped out of the loofah. He said, “Oh, it didn’t have enough tensile strength!” I’m not kidding. That actually came out of his mouth. While I’d love to say he has been taking classes at our local JC, this actually comes from his show Blaze and the Monster Machines where they talk about all kinds of mechanical/engineering concepts. With practical application of the concept he learned, it makes me feel a little less concerned about screen time. 

Last night Cam was jumping on the couch for about an hour solid and Joe told him, okay Cam, no more monkeys jumping on the bed. He replied, “But this is a couch and the rug is soft if I fall.” Point taken.

We were snacking on chips the other day and I decided to cut up some cheese to eat with it. Cam asked me if he could have some cheese too. So, I stacked a slice of cheese onto the chip and handed it to him. He took a bite and said, “Marvelous!”

Involving Cam on phone calls has become a lot more fun because he can sustain the conversation for a little bit now, whereas in the past he hasn’t really been into it. Joe called us while we were having dinner to tell us he was on his way home and Cam said, “Do you have any questions for me?” And he told Joe all about our dinner (salad with zuchini! and BBQ brisket!), then closed the conversation with “Drive safe. I love you.” I love that phone calls are more dynamic now. On the days where I don’t get to see him or play with him very much before bedtime, I know I can get a little love by way of a call and not feel like I missed out on everything.

Finally, here he is playing with maracas at his buddy Benson’s Fiesta-themed birthday party.

Kid Interviews for Father’s Day 2017

In lieu of a Father’s Day card, I thought it would be neat to interview Cam and Demi and mash it up together into a Father’s Day video. Cam was happy to participate and so was Demi. (Please excuse the apple-eating… I knew Cam would answer more questions if he had a distraction).

Your kids clearly love you very very much! Happy Father’s Day Joe, may it be a styrofoam-smashing good time!

You Have to Get Up Pretty Early in the Morning to Fool This One…

There comes a time when your kid is suddenly smarter than you. I didn’t realize it would happen when Cam was just 2 1/2 years old. Here are a few times his smarts were smarter than ours.


Inny was driving Cam in circles around the brewery to get him to nap so they could both join us inside. He asked her, “where are we going Inny?” She said, “to see your mom.” And he said, “This isn’t the way.” How did he know that!?

I recently threw away a cup we were using in the bath because it had been in there long enough and I didn’t want Cam drinking from it and putting his mouth on it anymore. He asked me where the cup went. I told him I had to throw it away because it had cracked in half. He then asked, “can you show me the two pieces?” First off, how does he know that when something is in half, there are 2 pieces? And secondly, did he know I wouldn’t be able to produce the alleged cracked cup? Somehow I think he did.

This morning Cam was watching Dora. Dora teaches some basic Spanish words throughout the episodes. Joe walked in and said, “abajo means up” and Cam replied, “no it doesn’t. It means down.” Get it right, dad!

Cam hates having the sun in his eyes, but refuses hats and sunglasses, so I recently put a shade on the car window. When I put it on, I thought I put it on the part of the window that would give the most shade. But apparently not. Cam told me I did it wrong and I needed to move it closer to him. A few days later I put the shade up again and he again told me I did it wrong. He was right. Both times.




How Much Does it Cost?

Last night Cam was “grocery shopping” for me, throwing anything and everything he could get his hands on into a giant bag. When he finally stuffed the very last toy in, he handed it to me with a “here you go!” and I asked him, “how much does it cost?”

He replied, “let me check my calendar. Hmmmm…. it costs this long!”

And now, an unrelated, silly sticky-hand clip:

Happy Friday y’all!