He Takes What He Wants

I’m not sure how I behaved when I was 3 years old, but I do remember that when I was old enough to have a memory, I asked for everything. I even remember asking for something as simple as crackers as a midday snack with no expectation that I would necessarily get a “yes”.

But this kid, let me tell you. This kid takes what he wants when he wants it so long as he has the physical wherewithal to get it.

This afternoon, for example, he wanted milk after his nap even though he had a whole bunch of milk right before his nap. At risk of being judged, I present exhibit A which is a 10 second clip of a 10 minute tirade over his desire for milk and his “baba”:

So, whilst I was attending to little sis, Cam helped himself to the rest of the milk. Exhibit B:

Not 3 hours later, Cam took what he wanted again. We went shopping at Trader Joe’s (Cam picked Trader Joe’s samples and lollipops over Vons’ race car grocery carts) and when we checked out, the cashier offered him a lollipop. A lollipop. As in ONE. Yet, he took two.

When I noticed, I told him that he couldn’t take 2 and to put one back. You know what he did? He pulled the wrapper off both lollipops as fast as he could and licked them both.

While the cashier found this funny, I did not.


So, I guess we’re having milk and lollipops for dinner. Go me!

Bendy Baby

We’ve reached a new milestone in baby Demi’s life. She can officially get her foot in her mouth! Congrats little girl, this is a very useful skill and it will open many doors!

Seriously though, look at her iron grip… both hands and every ounce of concentration and strength to get those chubby little toes into her mouth. Good form little lady! Mama is proud.

Cam Says the Darnedest Things

This is the latest installment of Cam Says the Darnedest Things. We are endlessly amused at the things that come out of his mouth.

Cam was “helping” me make dinner and we were cutting up the ingredients for the salad. He was holding half an avocado and digging his fingers into the meat of it. I asked him not to do that because I didn’t want it to be mushy. He said, “I’m just taking the pit out, no biggie.” Did my kid just tell me ‘no biggie’!?

Bathing Cam a couple nights ago, he was fiddling with the loofah and put his legs through the rope part. Of course the rope ripped out of the loofah. He said, “Oh, it didn’t have enough tensile strength!” I’m not kidding. That actually came out of his mouth. While I’d love to say he has been taking classes at our local JC, this actually comes from his show Blaze and the Monster Machines where they talk about all kinds of mechanical/engineering concepts. With practical application of the concept he learned, it makes me feel a little less concerned about screen time. 

Last night Cam was jumping on the couch for about an hour solid and Joe told him, okay Cam, no more monkeys jumping on the bed. He replied, “But this is a couch and the rug is soft if I fall.” Point taken.

We were snacking on chips the other day and I decided to cut up some cheese to eat with it. Cam asked me if he could have some cheese too. So, I stacked a slice of cheese onto the chip and handed it to him. He took a bite and said, “Marvelous!”

Involving Cam on phone calls has become a lot more fun because he can sustain the conversation for a little bit now, whereas in the past he hasn’t really been into it. Joe called us while we were having dinner to tell us he was on his way home and Cam said, “Do you have any questions for me?” And he told Joe all about our dinner (salad with zuchini! and BBQ brisket!), then closed the conversation with “Drive safe. I love you.” I love that phone calls are more dynamic now. On the days where I don’t get to see him or play with him very much before bedtime, I know I can get a little love by way of a call and not feel like I missed out on everything.

Finally, here he is playing with maracas at his buddy Benson’s Fiesta-themed birthday party.

Saturday Haiku

There were many lovely moments today, and yesterday, and over the last week for that matter. But I’m tired and Joe is working most of the day tomorrow, so I’m heading to bed to store up energy for a 2-kid day.

In lieu of a recap, I’ll share a Saturday Haiku:

Grandma Monkey’s here
Cam terrorized the pigeons
Lake, home, hair, park, home



Silly CamO

What a 2-Year-Old Hears

Cam is a really smart kid and he often responds to our questions and conversations with things that show he’s understanding. Sometimes, though, his understanding is limited by his little world.

Silly CamOTwice in the last couple days he’s responded to conversations in ways I didn’t expect and both instances were super cute.

Yesterday when I picked him up from Inny’s house I was explaining to Inny that I had a presentation in the morning. When we got into the car, Cam asked “Mom, what you and Inny talking about?” So I told him I was going to be giving a presentation to my company in the morning.

I checked the rearview mirror and saw he was tearing up. I asked him why he was sad. He said, “why you give them presents? I want presents.”

Then, today after picking Cam up, he asked where daddy was. I told him that he’s working at Balboa Park and would be home in a little bit. He welled up with tears again and said, “but why he go to the park without me?”

Sweet kid, daddy wouldn’t go to play a park without you!

Four Months Old on the Fourth of July

Demi Grey is 4 months old!

She’s still smiley, happy and predictable. Her schedule is 1 hour of play time, nap time, 1 hour of play time, milk, 1 hour of play time, nap and so on. Makes it fairly easy to parent.

New tricks include:

  • Talking up a storm. I think she enjoys hearing her voice and sometimes even babbles back when you’re talking to her.
  • Drooling like brother. She’s very oral and everyone is suggesting she’s teething, but Cam started this at 3 months and didn’t sprout a tooth until almost 9 months. So, I think she’s just following in his footsteps.
  • Observing brother with amusement. He’s much more interesting than adults.
  • Grabbing things and getting much more coordinated
  • Putting things in her mouth–favorites include her Wubba Nub and anyone’s fingers
  • Exploring toys. She turns them around in her hands and studies them.
  • Giggling, but not consistently and I still haven’t gotten her full blown laughing. I hope month 5 includes a video of her cracking up.

Here she is telling me about her day while we swing in the hammock.