He Takes What He Wants

I’m not sure how I behaved when I was 3 years old, but I do remember that when I was old enough to have a memory, I asked for everything. I even remember asking for something as simple as crackers as a midday snack with no expectation that I would necessarily get a “yes”.

But this kid, let me tell you. This kid takes what he wants when he wants it so long as he has the physical wherewithal to get it.

This afternoon, for example, he wanted milk after his nap even though he had a whole bunch of milk right before his nap. At risk of being judged, I present exhibit A which is a 10 second clip of a 10 minute tirade over his desire for milk and his “baba”:

So, whilst I was attending to little sis, Cam helped himself to the rest of the milk. Exhibit B:

Not 3 hours later, Cam took what he wanted again. We went shopping at Trader Joe’s (Cam picked Trader Joe’s samples and lollipops over Vons’ race car grocery carts) and when we checked out, the cashier offered him a lollipop. A lollipop. As in ONE. Yet, he took two.

When I noticed, I told him that he couldn’t take 2 and to put one back. You know what he did? He pulled the wrapper off both lollipops as fast as he could and licked them both.

While the cashier found this funny, I did not.


So, I guess we’re having milk and lollipops for dinner. Go me!

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