Demi Grey is 2 Months Old

This sweet little girl is already 2 months old. As you can see from the photos, I am experimenting with bows… because I don’t really know what I’m doing yet. When I was doing monthly photos with Cam, he tolerated 1 quick set of photos and he was DONE. Demi allowed me 4 different bows and both sitting up and laying down shots. She definitely lets me do what I need to do before she needs snuggles and milk.


This month’s notables:

  • a lot more smiley and better focus on faces
  • met grandpa Abe for the first time
  • my first Easter… wore some ears and then pretty much slept the day away
  • picnicked with Lauren at the Waterfront
  • went to the pool with the whole family
  • visited the zoo with Inny and big brother and slept most of the time
  • attended a wedding reception
  • learned how to use a pacifier
  • started tummy time
  • went with mommy to book club
  • visited 4 San Diego craft breweries: Bolt, Helix, Bay City, Mikkeller
  • slept through the night!!!.. typically falling asleep around 930/10 and waking up around 430 or 530 just to eat and go back to sleep for a few more hours.
  • IMG_2989.JPGIMG_2940.JPGIMG_2891.JPG

A few random notes about Ms. Grey:

  • Her hair is growing back FAST
  • She gets the hiccups a lot, just like she did in the womb
  • She’s wearing 6 month clothing, but appears to have plateaued in weight, at least for a little bit
  • She has clammy hands and feet
  • She yells before she sneezes, kind of like an old person, or her Uncle Coco

Tummy Time

Cam is still just barely starting to interact with “little sister”. Today he helped with Demi’s tummy time. He held the toy out and shook it and she turned her head toward it. Then, after a few minutes of trying to hold her head up, she got frustrated and asked Cam to find her “baba”. He ran and got it, put it in her mouth and she was instantly soothed. When I told him he made her happy, he got excited and gave me a kiss. Small moment, but very sweet.