Demi Grey is 2 Months Old

This sweet little girl is already 2 months old. As you can see from the photos, I am experimenting with bows… because I don’t really know what I’m doing yet. When I was doing monthly photos with Cam, he tolerated 1 quick set of photos and he was DONE. Demi allowed me 4 different bows and both sitting up and laying down shots. She definitely lets me do what I need to do before she needs snuggles and milk.


This month’s notables:

  • a lot more smiley and better focus on faces
  • met grandpa Abe for the first time
  • my first Easter… wore some ears and then pretty much slept the day away
  • picnicked with Lauren at the Waterfront
  • went to the pool with the whole family
  • visited the zoo with Inny and big brother and slept most of the time
  • attended a wedding¬†reception
  • learned how to use a pacifier
  • started tummy time
  • went with mommy to book club
  • visited 4 San Diego craft breweries: Bolt, Helix, Bay¬†City, Mikkeller
  • slept through the night!!!.. typically falling asleep around 930/10 and waking up around 430 or 530 just to eat and go back to sleep for a few more hours.
  • IMG_2989.JPGIMG_2940.JPGIMG_2891.JPG

A few random notes about Ms. Grey:

  • Her hair is growing back FAST
  • She gets the hiccups a lot, just like she did in the womb
  • She’s wearing 6 month clothing, but appears to have plateaued in weight, at least for a little bit
  • She has clammy hands and feet
  • She yells before she sneezes, kind of like an old person, or her Uncle Coco

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