Mindfulness While Holding a Baby

I read this NY Times article a few weeks ago which details how to be mindful while holding a baby and it keeps coming back to my consciousness while I hold Demi. She is my second and last baby and I know the moments of her being so little are fleeting.

I’m lucky that I only commute to work 2 days a week, but they are long tough days and they don’t leave a lot of time for mindfulness, or holding my baby for that matter. I was disappointed tonight when Demi fell asleep earlier than I’d expected. I wanted to wake her up and play with her, get at least a couple more smiles before she drifted off to dreamland.

Just another reminder to take advantage of the moments I get to spend with this little lady, so sweet and soft and squishy and oh her scent! When she is officially not an infant anymore, I might start stealing other peoples’ babies. Fair warning.


Bubbles and Babies

Lately I’ve been really enjoying bath time with Cam because, well, for one thing, he is contained in a 2×5 area and that’s a welcome relief from chasing him in and out of the house, but also because he expresses his creativity in interesting ways. He also talks a lot and I love hearing what he has to say.

For instance, last night we discussed at length all the things that fly. We named all the animals we could think of and he said “I think that’s all the creatures.” Then we named all the aircraft we could think of, and then we moved on to things that may or may not fly like kites, baseballs and monkeys. Cam firmly believes that if it doesn’t have wings, it doesn’t fly.

The bath time game of the moment is lining up his big blocks, filling them with faucet water and then serving everyone until they are no longer thirsty.

He’ll ask “which one do you want?” and I’ll pick a block, then he’ll pick his and say “cheers” before drinking it. This kid loves drinking faucet water. It’s “delicious!”