Mindfulness While Holding a Baby

I read this NY Times article a few weeks ago which details how to be mindful while holding a baby and it keeps coming back to my consciousness while I hold Demi. She is my second and last baby and I know the moments of her being so little are fleeting.

I’m lucky that I only commute to work 2 days a week, but they are long tough days and they don’t leave a lot of time for mindfulness, or holding my baby for that matter. I was disappointed tonight when Demi fell asleep earlier than I’d expected. I wanted to wake her up and play with her, get at least a couple more smiles before she drifted off to dreamland.

Just another reminder to take advantage of the moments I get to spend with this little lady, so sweet and soft and squishy and oh her scent! When she is officially not an infant anymore, I might start stealing other peoples’ babies. Fair warning.


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