Demi Grey is Rolling Over!

Look at this sweet, smooshable, super proud baby! This is what a baby girl looks like when she rolls over for the very first time! Actually, this would technically be the second.DemiRollingOver

We had just gotten back to the house from our friend’s pool. I laid Demi on the floor on her back, left the room to grab water and when I came back she was on her tummy! Shocked, I spent the next few minutes trying to replicate it on camera. Lucky for me, she did it again! And I lost my noodle!

Two observations.

  1. It took Cam a LOT longer to roll over, so this little milestone just snuck up on me. I didn’t realize it was so close!
  2. I thinkĀ rolling from back to tummy is the harder way to roll. Since this happened on Saturday, we’ve seen her roll the other way too. She’s an ambi-roller!

I’m noticing she is a very motivated little girl. When we lay her down, but she wants to sit, she does mini-crunches trying to sit up (I’m convinced there is a very strong core underneath that pudge). When she’s on my lap and I’m eating, she reaches and grabs and leans to try to get the food. And she often doesn’t get frustrated, she just keeps trying.

A couple more milestones are upon us too: first foods (starting as soon as I have time to purchase said first foods), and 5 months! Oh boy!


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