Handprints in the She-Shed

With Demi filling up the last room in our house, we had to find a solution for office space. Working from home 3 days a week is a really nice privilege and so I need to take it seriously, get work done, and minimize interruptions. It would be pretty embarrassing if I were on an important phone call and, well, something like this happened.

So, we’re building an office, or as I like to call it my “she-shed” in the backyard. Here are some progress pics. We’re currently sorting out some electrical issues, but soon we’ll be on to mud, paint and flooring inside, and paint and railing outside. We’re so close!


Yesterday while my brother was working on drywall, Cam saw him carry the piece of drywall he’d finger-painted a few weeks back. He started crying and asked what “Uncoco” was doing with his painting. So, we went in the backyard to check it out.

Here is some riveting footage of Cam checking out the office with his handprints forever inside.

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