You Have to Get Up Pretty Early in the Morning to Fool This One…

There comes a time when your kid is suddenly smarter than you. I didn’t realize it would happen when Cam was just 2 1/2 years old. Here are a few times his smarts were smarter than ours.


Inny was driving Cam in circles around the brewery to get him to nap so they could both join us inside. He asked her, “where are we going Inny?” She said, “to see your mom.” And he said, “This isn’t the way.” How did he know that!?

I recently threw away a cup we were using in the bath because it had been in there long enough and I didn’t want Cam drinking from it and putting his mouth on it anymore. He asked me where the cup went. I told him I had to throw it away because it had cracked in half. He then asked, “can you show me the two pieces?” First off, how does he know that when something is in half, there are 2 pieces? And secondly, did he know I wouldn’t be able to produce the alleged cracked cup? Somehow I think he did.

This morning Cam was watching Dora. Dora teaches some basic Spanish words throughout the episodes. Joe walked in and said, “abajo means up” and Cam replied, “no it doesn’t. It means down.” Get it right, dad!

Cam hates having the sun in his eyes, but refuses hats and sunglasses, so I recently put a shade on the car window. When I put it on, I thought I put it on the part of the window that would give the most shade. But apparently not. Cam told me I did it wrong and I needed to move it closer to him. A few days later I put the shade up again and he again told me I did it wrong. He was right. Both times.





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