Honest Olanoff

Every day Cam says a few things that surprise or impress me because they show his thoughtfulness, his memory, his cleverness, his creativity, his honesty or his humor. Here are today’s highlights.

We’ll start with HONESTY:

Daddy: What did you paint today?
Me: Cam, don’t tell him, it’s a secret.
Cam: We painted you a sign! For your birthday!



While Cam was in the bath, we started talking about all his nicknames. I said I like calling him Cam, CamO, Camden Cruz, CamBone, Bone, Boney, Boney Baloney, Boney Maloney… and then I asked if there were any others he could think of. He said “Olanoff” in a very shy voice, I think because he has never said it before and he wasn’t confident saying it yet. I was so impressed I embarrassed him a little with my squealing and then he said “that’s your name too!”

I love when he demonstrates something we didn’t realize he’d picked up on. I’m proud of him for remembering not only what his last name is, but also that we share a last name.

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