My First Park Date with Both Kiddos

I didn’t just survive, I had a lovely time at the park today with both kiddos. When daddy isn’t around Cam seems to be more cooperative with me, like he knows I can’t keep up with him when I’m by myself.

With Demi in my carrier, I followed Cam around San Carlos Park while he pretended he was pushing red buttons and breaking all of the equipment so nobody could play on it. He also used his magic wand to send boulders rolling through the park, “abra-ca-dabra!” (Maybe we’re watching too much Blaze?)


After getting the wiggles out, we sat under a big shady tree and had a snack while watching the older kids play baseball down below. While I look forward to watching Cam play sports, I know there are many years of that ahead, so for now, I’m content with my first successful solo park date.



I also have to mention our conversation on the drive home. There was a truck in front of us with a bunch of household items in the bed and its tailgate down. Cam said “Oh no! His trunk is open and something’s going to fall out!”

This prompted me to tell him the famous childhood story about my bike in the back of the truck. I told my dad (Poppy) that he should close the tailgate, but he said we didn’t need to, that the bike would be fine. Lo and behold, it wasn’t. My bike fell out and got run over.

When I finished the story, Cam said “Oh boy! We need to get Poppy a new trailer!”

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