Daddy-O Has a New Mowlawner

I can’t say our backyard is in the greatest shape. We (okay, Joe) dug a trench to get the electrical and whatnot out to the new office (I say “whatnot” because I’m not entirely sure what went in the trench, I just know that it took a lot of sweat and dirt and wires and messiness). Anyway, I think we’re finally at that point we can start patching the yard back together and enjoying it again. So it was the perfect time to upgrade our machinery.

Of course Cam loved opening the box for the new “mowlawner” and putting it together with dad. Then, once they got it assembled they each pushed their mowers around the yard.

Cam rarely mixes up his words, so it was pretty cute to hear him say mowlawner. I just had to ask him again and get it on video.

I’m going to pretend I didn’t freak out about their bare feet and focus on the fact that they handled our unruly yard.

Cam and Daddy Mowing the BackyardIMG_3850.JPG.jpeg

Mowing. With bare feet. Oy.

Weekend Vibes: The Y and Picking Tomatoes

Cam and I went to the Santee YMCA this morning to get some sunshine and to get our wiggles out in their super kid-friendly pool. We spent about an hour splashing around. Ever since Palm Desert (where Cam went down their huge slide and got water up his nose), Cam hasn’t wanted to go on slides, so instead, we just bobbed around the shallow pools. His favorite parts of the kid structure are the valves he can open and close to spray people. Of course 🙂


This afternoon we’re going to pick up the backyard so we can have dinner al fresco. But we got distracted by our overflowing tomato plants and picked a bucket’s worth. Cam, as always, is quality control.