‘Rember and ‘Retend, K?

These are Demi’s favorite words lately!

She asks if we ‘rember when…’ and wants to talk about something that may have happened yesterday or may have happened a year ago. Or, she wants us to pretend and make believe with her by going through a long list of things we are going to pretend together like: ‘retend I was I going to school’ and ‘retend it was my birthday, k?’ and ‘retend it was naptime, k?’ and ‘retend I was reading one of my favorite books.’ She confirms that we’re understand her with “K”?

That last part I blame on myself because when I want to ensure Cam and Demi are listening I often say either “K?” or “Got it?” For better or worse, they use the same devices.

Here’s Demi “retending” it is indeed her birthday at preschool and because it is her birthday she is allowed to bring a book and share it with the class.

She loves her kitchen and we often play cafe. She has a couple menus and takes customer orders, sometimes telling her customers ‘I don’t have that, but I do have…’

Demi often talks about things that happened in the past, but she hasn’t yet sorted out timing of past events, so she may say ‘5 days ago’ for something that was a year ago or if you don’t “rember” what she was talking about, she might say “no, last year”. I usually need clues to get me exactly to what she was talking about.

Quite possibly Demi and Cam’s favorite things to ‘rember’ and bring up over and over again was the time we were on a walk and Cam went running ahead of us, tripped over a paver, fell hard and flat on the sidewalk in a starfish formation (arms and legs sprawled out in all directions), started to cry, but then tooted and immediately began laughing. She asks us if we ‘rember’ when… and then she acts it out.

One of Demi’s nighttime rituals is to go through a whole bunch of ‘rember when’s’. I love it because it truly is a mixed bag of things that I may not have known were significant moments, but because she’s bringing it up, I realize it has meaning for her or caused her to reflect.

‘Retending with Barbies

I love observing her busy little brain and, even when I’m tired, I find it hard to resist doing what she asks. If she asks me to ‘retend I’m a monster and I will eat her, then by golly, I’m a monster and I will try and eat her.


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