Demi Grey is 3 Months Old

Our sweet baby girl is 3 months strong! And by strong I mean she has the craziest grip. Sometimes I can’t get her pajamas on because she’ll grab onto the sleeve as I’m trying to pull it onto her arm and she just won’t let go. She also loves gripping the monkey on her Wubba Nub, my clothing, and unfortunately for me, my hair (which at the moment needs no assistance in the thinning process because it’s already falling out in clumps–thank you postpartum hormone changes).

She is still so smiley and truly only cries when she wants to eat or sleep and we pretty much always know which due to timing. So, she’s taking it easy on us.

Some other fun things: she can now track things with her eyes, which has opened up new possibilities for play time. Her babbling is adorable–she sounds like a kitty. Most women can get her to smile and it’s about 50/50 for men, she’ll either smile or stick out her bottom lip in a pout. She’s starting to be more interested in Cam and watches him as he spins around the room. She mostly dislikes tummy time but is getting better at it. Her neck is now strong enough to where you can hold her upright and her head doesn’t bob around.

She snores and gasps all the time while sleeping and it drives us nuts even though we’ve been told (and we know) that it’s normal and she’ll grow out of it. She also has 1 single thick strand of blonde hair on top of her head amidst all that brown hair. Oh and her eyes are a lovely shade of cerulean blue. Yes, cerulean.


Everyone says she looks just like a darker version of Cam, not so much like Joe and not so much like me, but definitely like she’s Cam’s sister. We’re good with that. Cam’s a pretty cute kid 🙂

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